Culminant at The Mighty Riff

Culminant is all about 100%, grade A, unadulterated extreme metal with minimum frills and no fuss, about making honest, in-your-face aggressive Thrash/Death metal composed and presented with old school sensibilities.

Culminant was formed in June 2007 when Pranay and Sudarshan were looking for members to form a band. Their search co-incided withBharad looking to do vocals for a band. They met up and jammed a couple of times until it was decided that it sounded good. Still lacking a drummer, and after auditioning about 3 of them, it was decided that Pranay’s brother Deep was the best of the lot despite still being a learner. In October 2007, a replacement was found when we welcomed Danny Johnson (ex-Catatonic Rage) into the fold. Line-up change dogged the band again when in February 2008, founder member/bassist Sudarshan left the band due to work-related reasons. Read the rest of this entry »


Pre-order closed, and other updates

The Mighty Riff pre-order of 50 packages that includes a tshirt, two posters and a ticket to the concert is now closed. The t-shirts have gone for print now, and should be with us mid-next week. That is when we set-up pickup points around town and hand them over to you. Thanks a lot for all your support so far!

Regular tickets, limited to 450 numbers will also be made available mid-next week. We’ll be putting up a way for you to block and pick them up the same way as the pre-orders. Watch the Ticket Info page for further details. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the official home of The Mighty Riff!

As promised, we’ll be doing our first concert on July 16th, 2011 at Alliance Francaise in Bangalore. We’ve been working our asses off to get a great lineup, the best sound, a damn good venue that’s centrally located, and the best possible day of the week for a show. Saturday.

Tickets will be priced at a measly 99 rupees a piece, but limited to 500 numbers. For you collectors, there is The Mighty Package that includes a concert memorabilia t-shirt, two killer A3 sized posters and the entry ticket, all at 500 rupees. Limited to 50 numbers.

Pre-orders can be made here, including a look at all the designs. They’re fantastic: Ticket Info

Oh yes, welcome to the official website of The Mighty Riff. All the details and updates about the event will be made available here.

You can find us on Facebook as well: