Inner Sanctum at The Mighty Riff

Since 2007, Inner Sanctum has been evolving from a project band into one of India’s premiere metal outfits and Asia’s benchmark in the thrash & death metal genre.
In 2009, Inner Sanctum entered Resonance Studios to record “Provenance”, their highly acclaimed first release! Blessed with crushing sound, courtesy Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios, Germany and Resonance Studios, Bangalore, 4 tracks of the band’s own characteristic style unleashes rage upon the listener; storming, violent, old school infused metal. This record made its way into various top ten lists for 2009-10 and has more or less pushed the boundaries of metal music in Asia.

Inner Sanctum has over the years earned critical and commercial acclaim and has even won numerous awards including the Band of the Year 2007 (Levis), Band of the year 2009 (, Best Emerging Band of the year (Jack Daniels Rock Awards) and was  named one of the Top 10 bands to look out for by MetalHammer UK.


Chintan & Rajeev – Guitars

Abinav – Drums

Basu – Vocals

Michael – Bass



Chintan recording guitars for the Provenance EP

Inner Sanctum have finally announced their special edition tshirt for The Mighty Riff. Get them at the gig, or write to them!


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