Bevar Sea at The Mighty Riff

No bullshit stoner-doom with an old-school heavy rawk foundation. The band plays catchy tunes with thick fuzzy riffs, groovy rhythms, melodic solos, and raspy vocals. They basically fucking bring it. A typical Bevar Sea show brings together the energy of heavy metal and the good times vibe of rock ‘n’ roll.

In a scene dominated by increasingly complex sub-genres, Bevar Sea’s main intention is to simply put the fun back into heavy music. The band embraces the DIY ethos and works its backsides off to keep it going. The Mighty Riff is a product of that mindset.

Band: Ganesh – Vocals, Srikanth & Chacko – Guitars, JP – Bass, Deepak – Drums.

Bevar Sea performing their song “Abishtu”.

Bevar Sea featured in Bangalore Times:

Stream and download rehearsal demos:

Youtube channel:

Facebook page:



Bevar Sea have announced a new t-shirt based on their song Abishtu. Contact the band to get yours!


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